Frequently Asked Questions


1. If you use Internet Explorer 11 with this site it may not display PDF files, correctly. For example when trying to view a PDF of an article you may see following message:

IE11 PDF Error

Here are a few steps that you can take to resolve this issue.

1. Click the question mark symbol in the upper right corner of your Internet Explorer. It should show your IE version.

IE Version Check


2. Next, select "Tools" and then "Compatibility View Settings"  from the top menu bar.

Compatibility Settings


3. In the "Compatibility View Settings" click to add ""

Compatibility Settings


4. After adding site to the list - click "Close"

Compatibility Settings


5. Now when you try to click on the "PDF" link to an article - it will display its contents correctly.


Internet Explorer versions 10 or lower do not have this issue. Firefox and Chrome also seem to be working fine. This issue only affects users with Internet Explorer 11.

If you have any problems viewing PDF files on this site please email us.